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Hello there!

Commissions are currently CLOSED . Once I finish my current commission queue, I'll begin working on a new collection. So if you've been wanting a piece from me, your best bet is to see what I come up with! You can follow along with my progress on Instagram @niftyknoll. Information about  how commissions work remains below for your information, though it is subject to change.




Woo hoo! You're interested in commissioning me to make you something delightful! I would love to create something playful and meaningful for your space. Read on to learn how commissions work.


The first step is to contact me! If you already have a nifty idea in mind, just let me know! Let's see if your idea is a good fit for my art practice. 

Not exactly sure what you'd like, but you want... something? That's cool, let's generate ideas together! We can unearth some meaningful ideas and symbols in your life while considering the context of where you'd like the artwork to live.


If we can nail down some ballpark details, I can provide a ballpark quote. Ideas at this stage remain verbal; visual ideation (sketches) are a part of the design stage. 


Ready to commit? A flat $100 design fee will secure your place in my commission queue and kick off the process. We'll take a general nifty idea and form it into some concrete decisions of form, scale, materials, color palette, and display context. As part of this process, I'll provide sketches to aid our conversation. If the landscape context is especially important, I can draw on top of photos of the artwork's destination!

With more specifications nailed down, I'll be able to provide a more precise quote and identify a month or season in which your commission will be completed. Please note that the design fee is in addition to the quote, and like all payments, is non-refundable.


Once all decisions are made and a quote provided, I'll send an invoice for 30% of the quote. This needs to be paid before I purchase any materials for your project or start sculpting. Once I've finished sculpting, I'll send a second invoice for another 30%, to be paid before I start mosaicing. Once the artwork is completed, I'll send a third and final invoice of the remaining 40%, to be paid before handoff. Due to the unique and time consuming nature of the work, all payments are non-refundable.


I post behind-the-scenes videos of my works-in-progress in my Instagram stories @niftyknoll. Follow me there to see your commission come to life!


Once your commission is done, and the final invoice paid, we'll coordinate to hand it off! You can either meet me in my area near Kenmore, WA, or pay a delivery fee for me to bring it to you (or closer to you). Deliveries are currently limited to the Puget Sound area.

I'm sorry, I'm not shipping artwork at this time. 


Ready for something nifty? Take the first step and reach out!

Thanks for reaching out!

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